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网络上查询Permalink在 英文的定义结果:

  • Permalink is short for "permanent link". It is a link that readers can use to bookmark the current blog post. This is important, as most blogs change regularly, and without a permanent link, the posts would be impossible to find later. Permalinks are usually indicated by a pound-sign (#) or the permalink at the end of the post.
  • A permalink (a portmanteau made by contracting the phrase "permanent link") is a type of URL designed to refer to a specific information item (often a news story or weblog item) and to remain unchanged permanently, or at least for a lengthy period of time to prevent link rot. The term was coined by Scott Banister and Matt Kerner in 1995, though the first implementation wasn't until March 2000 by Blogger co-founder Paul Bausch. ...

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