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Settlement Funding


Peachtree Settlement Funding is the nation's leading specialty factoring company, which allows recipients of future cash flows to obtain an immediate lump sum in exchange for all, or a portion of, those future sums. Peachtree caters to people seeking to sell structured legal settlements, annuity payments, lottery prize payments, sweepstakes awards, life insurance policies and tobacco transition payments. In addition, Peachtree provides cash advances to people with pending personal injury claims.



PPI Cash - Buyer of Annuity, Lottery & Structured Settlement Payments

PPI Cash was founded in 1993 to provide financial alternatives to recipients of deferred payments like structured settlements, including insurance settlements and lottery winnings.

Over the years, we have helped thousands of people achieve their financial goals by offering customized settlement funding programs to those who cannot be serviced by traditional financial institutions, such as banks.

Our mission is to continue to provide outstanding service to annuity recipients who wish to have greater control over their assets.

Cash Payout On Structured Settlement,
Lottery Winnings & More

We provide direct settlement funding by cash payout on structured settlements like an insurance settlement and other annuities.

Many individuals holding certain types of assets, such as Lottery Winnings and Structured Settlement, have a strong preference for a lump sum payment instead of being paid over several years.

Our innovative techniques as a buyer of personal injury settlements allow us to successfully turn alternative cash flow instruments into lump sum payments at no risk to our clients.

Flexible Custom Settlement Funding Solutions For Lawsuit Settlements & Lottery Winnings

Whether you are looking for a cash payout on structured settlement like an insurance settlement or lottery winnings, we offer flexible and individually tailored plans to meet your specific financial goals.